Southgate Attendance Phone Line and E-Mail

If your child will be absent or late you may call our attendance phone line at 222-5902 or e-mail  Please leave your child's name, room number, date of the absence and reason for the absence.

Morning Arrival Time

Students should not arrive before 8:25 a.m. Breakfast will be served in the classrooms for all students after the bell rings at 8:40 a.m.

Breakfast and Lunch

We are so pleased to be selected to provide breakfast and lunch for your child at Southgate!  Research suggests that children that are well fed demonstrate more readiness for learning.  We do need to collect for milk if parents are sending a packed lunch and desire their child to have a school milk.  Milk is 55 cents.  You can deposit money in your child's account through Powerschool or send a check or cash to school.  For more information about how to set up your account, please call our office staff at (509) 222-5900.

Thanks much,

Dr. Smart,


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