Southgate Attendance E-Mail

You can now e-mail Southgate about your child's absence or tardy.  Please e-mail if your student will be tardy or absent

Please e-mail your message by 1:00 pm on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri and by noon on Wednesdays. You can also use this e-mail to send messages for your student.

Automated Attendance Calls

Automated Attendance Phone Calls

Southgate recently started using an automated system for attendance calls.  This system will send out phone calls and e-mails to parents of students whose absences have not been excused.  Please note: if you do not call your child in sick before 10:30 a.m. or if your child is checked in after 10:30 a.m.,  you will receive an automated phone call. Just a reminder, to excuse your child’s absence, you must either call 222-5902 and leave a message or e-mail  Please include your child’s name, room number, reason for absence and date of absence.  You may also send a note in with this information when your child returns to school. 

When your child is absent or late to school due to doctor’s or dentist appointments,  we highly recommend you bring in a doctor’s note excusing the absence/tardy. 

Spring Break

No school April 2-6

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Yearbook orders due March 23, 2018

Keep your student's memories of the school year.

Yearbooks are $15.00, cash or check made payable to Southgate ASB

Order forms are in the Southgate Office.

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